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FX patch cords deliver a robust design to withstand the rigors of daily use in both standard and custom-tailored , Description, FX OM1, FX OM3, FX OM4, FX SM, FX SM/APC , Cable Style, LC: Interconnect Simplex Zip 2 mm , SC/ST/Hybrid: Interconnect Duplex Zip 3 mm ,.. SC/ST/Hybrid: Interconnect Duplex Zip 3.0mm.

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シングルモード ファイバー (2心/1心). □CORNING. 2心. 両端SC. 両端LC. 片端LC 片端SC. □その他. 2心. 片端ST 片端SC. 両端MU. 片端MU 片端 , 片端LC 片端SC. OM4. 2芯. 両端LC ユニブーツコネクタ付. 多芯. 両端MTP(MPO互換) 12芯. □ PANDUIT. OM3. 2芯. 両端LC , 可動用光ファイバケーブル ロボ・バウアー. □ ワイヤード ,. 2105004-3(LC-LC), 単心 光パッチコード(0.9mmコード仕様、ストレート ブーツ付) 光成端箱・光融 , 2160510-3 (MPO側:TypeA,ピン無し), 3m, お 問い合わせ下さい, 取寄せ.

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Fiber Optics · Patch Cords , Patch Cord E-2000™-Compact PC, black/black - ST PC 2x, OM1, Bm/3, F8 2.7x5.5mm, 3 m. Fitted with one , Fiber: SM E9/125 G.652 .D (OS1, OS2). Cable: Ø 3.0 mm, yellow. View more ,. Patch Cord SC-Duplex PC, beige - LC-Duplex PC, beige/turquoise, OM3, Bm/3, F8 2.0x4.1mm, 1 m.

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Optical Duplex patch cords with various types of connectors (ST, LC, SC) available in single-mode or multi-mode fibre version.

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Multimode, OM3, 50/125, 10Gb, 3.0mm, PVC (OFNR) , OM3 Multimode Patch Cable. Picture of 3m, LC to ST, Duplex, OM3 Multimode Patch Cable , This high- quality Multimode fiber optic patch cable is designed for ethernet applications.

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RoHS compliant fiber optic pigtails shall include simplex or , fiber, 1.6mm or 3.0 mm simplex or duplex zipcord jacketed cable, or 1.8mm duplex , F^D3-3M‡Y. Simplex SC to SC. 3mm jacketed cable: F^S3-3M‡Y. Duplex ST to ST. 3mm jacketed cable: F^D2-2M‡Y. Simplex ST to , Opti-Core® 10Gig™ LC to LC Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord, OM3/OM4 – 10 GbE 50/125µm multimode riser rated cable ,

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Optcore offers good quality LC-ST 10G OM3 fiber optic patch cable (Duplex, 50/ 125μm, PVC, φ2.0mm, UPC Polish) at Affordable , This OM3 fiber optic patch cable feature an extremely high bandwidth, providing nearly three times the bandwidth over conventional 62.5/125µm multimode fiber. , LC-ST-OM3-D3M- 20-PV, 3M LC-ST Duplex 10G OM3 Multimode 2.0mm PVC Fiber Optic Patch Cable.

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45° and 90° Angled Boot(SC/LC) upon request. Characteristics. SM APC. SM UPC. OM3/OM4 UPC. MM PC. Insertion Loss. ≤ 0.2 dB , ST/SC Duplex OM3 50 /125um Fiber Optic Patch Cord - 5m , SC(90° White boot)/LC(45° White boot)/ Duplex Singlemode 9/125um Fiber Optic Patch Cord - 3m , C - 3.0mm pigtail. Fiber ,